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Preventive Care

  • Oral Hygiene maintenance- Regular preventive care is the best investment you can make for your smile. Healthy gums and bone is vital for the health of your smile. Here at Aqua Dental, we customize your home and in-office oral hygiene program based on your needs. Our goal is not to only “clean” your teeth. We strive to deliver the education you will need to regain or maintain your smile and use the latest techniques to do so.
  • Oral Cancer Screening- A thorough oral cancer screening is an important part to our comprehensive dental exam. For more information about oral cancer please visit: oralcancercanada.ca
  • Dental Diagnostic Technology- Our office is equipped with advanced diagnostic technologies. State of the art digital radiographs are a crucial part of our complete diagnosis. Such as:
  • Detection of tooth decay in between teeth .
  • Diagnosing/monitoring gum disease.
  • Detection of developmental abnormalities in the tooth structure, positioning and bone tissue
  • Oral health issues below the gum line so that your hygienist may identify potential problems and clean more thoroughly to prevent further complications
  • Detect unseen oral health problems that may have developed without any pain or symptoms
  • Detecting and treating infection before painful swelling occurs
  • Cysts and growths may also be detected before damage is caused to the jawbone
  • General safety: Dental x-rays are a low dose form of radiation. Studies have shown that digital radiographs allow dental professionals to use even less radiation due to the highly sensitive sensor that exposes the image. We understand that despite the low exposure, it is still important to not take any unnecessary radiographs. We treat each patient individually; therefore some may need less or more radiographs to ensure proper diagnosis. After all the exposure present a smaller risk than potential undiagnosed dental problems.
    Another diagnostic tool routinely used is our intra-oral camera. This camera captures an x-ray free image of your teeth. It allows us to illustrate corners of your mouth that are hard to show with a mirror. It is also very helpful tool for record keeping. 

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