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Why Us


Our Practice philosophy is” When we love what we do , our patients will love what we do “. This means that at Aqua Dental, we promise a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere while providing our patients with a comprehensive and conservative approach to their dental care.

Our entire team strives to deliver a great patient experience and we absolutely love working with families and their kids. Your dental visit is very comprehensive. There is so much more to look at than just teeth, gums and bone. Here’s how we are different.


  • We are pretty tech-savvy! Not only do we run paperless, but we also take digital pictures and x-rays. Digital x-rays emit 60% less radiation to capture a great quality image and there is no hazardous waste. We also take the least amount of x-rays as we can to still get a thorough diagnosis. Another perk, is that you see that we see! We share all the photos and x-rays with you on a big screen, so you are part of the treatment plan every step of the way.


  • We Strive for quality not quantity, and we will work hard as a team to continue to learn and grow, to pass our education and expertise to our patients so they can be their first line of defense against dental disease.
  • We are moms too, and we know kids need to have fun at the dentist. It’s what builds great memories which keeps them coming back. We have an AMAZING play room for kids while you wait and TV screens on the ceiling to keep our patients entertained as we make their smiles shine. Of course, adult love it too!
  • We also focus our attention on your developing child. We want to make sure your kids don’t have cavities but what about their breathing habits? Does your child snore? Do they grind their teeth? Do they breathe through their mouth a lot? These issues have shown a strong link to dental malocclusions. (Crowding, overbite, under bite) Your child’s breathing habits can be a factor to your child’s growth. Ask us how!
  • Not only do we want to make your mouth healthy but we want you to absolutely love your smile. We offer customized orthodontic treatment. Here is just a few:
  1. Phase I orthopedic: best for a developing child that would benefit from early inceptive treatment to help in their developing face and smile
  2. Myobrace: Straighten teeth the natural way! A myobrace treatment can help train your child’s muscle to move the teeth and bite in the right direction. With no braces!
  3. Phase II Orthodontics: We treat kids and adults! We do full braces to help align your teeth with the most advanced and modern techniques available.
  4. Short term Orthodontics: It’s never too late to improve your smile. If you’ve always wanted braces to straighten your teeth but don’t want the long term treatment, this might be best for you. A typical treatment is between 6-9 months. That’s it! You could improve your smile by your next cleaning appointment.
  5. Clear tray aligners: Minor rotations and crowding can often be improved without braces. Clear tray aligners or invisalign is a great option.


  • We a offer sedation options for our nervous patients. We have a certified IV sedation provider that can offer moderate sedation for restorative and surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth.

At our clinic, our patients are our top priority. We value personalized attention and long-term relationships with our clients.
Our warm and caring staff are a group of dedicated and professional ladies that will work hard to put you at ease and make you comfortable the moment you step into our office.

We are happy to have you visit our office, and hope that you find all the information that you require. Our goal is to help you become informed about your oral and dental health. If there is any question that our site does not answer, please do not hesitate to phone or contact us through the site and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.
We look forward to welcoming you to our practice!



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