About Aqua Dental

Our Practice philosophy is “When we love what we do, our patients will love what we do”. We promise a friendly, calm, and relaxed atmosphere while providing our patients with a comprehensive and conservative approach to their dental care. 


Ottawa is our home and Barrhaven is our location! We strive for quality, not quantity, and we will work hard as a team to continue to learn and grow, to pass our education and expertise to our patients so they can be their first line of defense against dental disease.

Our goal is to continuously offer our patients the highest quality of dental care, with a conscience, respect, and compassion while using state-of-the-art technologies and the most comfortable techniques.

Aqua Dental is an environment built on excellence, quality, empathy and education.

We will strive to offer the best dental service in a manner we ourselves would expect to be treated.

Why us you ask ?

Not only do we run paperless, but we also take digital pictures and x-rays. Digital x-rays emit 60% less radiation and there is no hazardous waste. 

This is great news if you are a gagger !! Digital scanning is also great to compare scans throughout the years to monitor recession, wear, and any changes to your smile!

We share all the photos and x-rays with you on a big screen, so you are part of the treatment plan every step of the way.

We will choose the most conservative option if it is right for you.

We believe it is crucial to build great memories at the dentist. This will shape how they feel about the dentist in the future. We will never push any treatment they cannot handle and will advise you on the best approach for their dental health, treatment, and age.

Your children can now enjoy playing in our custom made playroom! Two iPads and an enchanted tree ! Rest assured we will keep an eye on them while you complete your dental appointment.

You can enjoy Netflix and Disney Channel while we make your smiles shine. WE provide headphones to make the experience that much better! You don't have to hear the drill no more.

See below

We focus our attention on your developing child. We want to make sure your kids don’t have cavities but what about their breathing habits? Does your child snore? Do they grind their teeth? Do they breathe through their mouth a lot? These issues have shown a strong link to dental malocclusions. (Crowding, overbite, underbite) Your child’s breathing habits can be a factor in your child’s growth. Ask us how!

1. Phase I orthopedic: Best for a developing child that would benefit from early interceptive treatment to help develop their face and smile.


2. Myobrace: Straighten teeth the natural way! A Myobrace treatment can help train your child’s muscles to move the teeth and bite in the right direction. With no braces!


3. Phase II Orthodontics: We treat kids and adults! We do full braces to help align your teeth with the most advanced and modern techniques available.


4. Short term Orthodontics: It’s never too late to improve your smile. If you’ve always wanted braces to straighten your teeth but don’t want the long term treatment, this might be best for you. A typical treatment is between 6-9 months. That’s it! You could improve your smile by your next cleaning appointment.


5. Invisalign: Invisalign can now treat almost any malocclusion! Just remove them to brush and eat. No brackets required, no depriving yourself of popcorn or your favorite munchies anymore! Clear tray aligners or Invisalign is a great option.

We are trained at the prestigious Kois Dental Institute in Seattle! This enables  us to offer our patients exceptional evidence based dentistry at the highest standard. 

Our Comfort Menu

Hot Towels
Neck Pillows
Chair Massage
Weighted Blankets
Cozy Soft Blanket
Calming Music
Disposable Earplugs
Eye Masks
Diffuser With Calming Scent
Noise Canceling Headphones