Giving Back

Majdi Abu-Jarad is a son, brother, husband, and father. On Sep 24 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the same day his third daughter was born. He is in need of Stem Cell donors to come forward to save his life. Donors from minority groups are in greatest need. We kindly ask for your help during this difficult time. A swab of your cheek could save a life!



Thank you for all those who came out to support our swab clinic yesterday.


Thank you to all the volunteers for promoting it, standing with us all day, bringing your children to help out, and taking time out of your busy schedule on a warm sunny Saturday. We are very grateful.❤️🙏


I was incredibly touched by a single mom that lost her husband to cancer only a few months ago. She came with her 18-month-old child to participate and get swabbed. It was moving and inspiring.


Thank you to the Canadian Blood Services. These people are all volunteers and are always eager to help any way they can.


We pray that our efforts help save at least one life.🙏#canadianbloodservices

After organizing and coordinating with the Canadian Blood Services and holding a SWAB & SAVE campaign in honour of Majdi Abu-Jarad (Huda's brother & the designer of this new website 🙂 ) who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Sep 24th 2019 which also happens to be the same day his 3rd daughter was born.


Dr. Huda was found to be a 100% STEM CELLS MATCH DONOR.


Watch the touching story and thank you video from Majdi about this here ( The Story of SEP 24th )




We are proud of our very own Sandra and Tracy as they are participating in The Great Cycle Challenge! It is an event to raise awareness and funds for kid's cancer research, put on by Sick Kids Hospital. Their goal is to bike through the month of August to raise funds to help these kids and support SickKids Foundation to allow them to continue their work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

To our Lebanese patients, dental reps, friends and loved ones. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Beirut has been a symbol of strength and resistance. Its people have endured so much before. Yet...their strength, courage and spirit is always inspiring.


Our donation will go to the Lebanese Red Cross through the Canadian Red Cross. We will gladly match any donations you wish to contribute. We will match every dollar you donate at your next appointment through the month of August.


Thank you for the generosity of our patients❤️. We extended the Beirut Emergency Relief to the end of September. We had promised to match it . $185 were collected at the office . We decided to match that amount and round it up to $500.


Your donations went to Humanity and Inclusion @

Thank you again🙏





Arriane ❤️ So proud of you ! Thank you so much for your hard work. You are amazing ❤️.


Arriane is our lovely receptionist that you see when you walk into our office. She has been busy sewing all this time 

Today was an emotional day for me. It was my day off and I decided to pay some of my senior patients a visit. I grabbed some hot lunch, box of chocolate and a Christmas card.


These two men are one of my favourite people ❤️. I have been seeing them as their dentist for over 14 years . They followed me from Orleans after I opened my own office in Barrhaven.


I adore them and always love seeing them at the office, they genuinely care about us as we do them.


The welcome I got was so wonderful 😭😭😭❤️.


Mr.M : did I die and go to heaven ??

Mr.D : I feel rather happy and well loved .


You try to brighten someone’s day and in return they not only brighten your day , they leave a huge impression ! I was shocked to see how far they drive to come see us 🙏. And it was my turn to make the drive.


Funny thing , my dad said a lady paid for his coffee today at the drive thru. ( almost exactly at the same time).


There is so much we can do to take care of each other, especially during Covid where many seniors may feel isolated.


I always had a soft spot for our seniors. When they come to the office, they are not only coming to get a “ cleaning “ but to visit with us . The least we could do is give them that time. ❤️❤️


My heart is full.


Stay blessed , stay healthy , and pay it forward .🙏🤗



We are sharing this in response to an email we have received. One of our wonderful families has been approved for a service dog from Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs for their son who was recently diagnosed with autism. While the dog is provided at no cost to the family, they are asked to help with fundraising efforts to offset the cost of the dog and training which exceeds $20,000.


Unfortunately, Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs do not receive any government funding. We love how positive of an impact service dogs have on a childs individual needs.


Please check out the link for more information and feel free to share ❤🐾

Amongst the craziness of the holiday season, we tend to forget about the one's that may need our help the most! As you are sitting, reading this in your warm environment on a device of whatever sorts, there are many homeless outside, freezing, hungry and needing our help. We Live in the Shadows is looking for donations to help those in need.


Please consider donating something from the list and remember that a little can go a long way. ❤ We have invited them to come to our office on Tuesday December 10th from 12-1 to talk a little bit about their cause. Everyone is welcomed to come. Feel free to drop of your items at our office and we will make sure it gets to them.

We are proud to sponsor the Ottawa Children’s Business Fair! Come join us tomorrow at Lansdowne and check out all the wonderful businesses! ❤️ These children have been working really hard.

What an incredible day!


A big thank you to all the volunteers helping out with the flood relief ❤️.

We wanted to help out by providing a 100 hot meals and some toothbrushes and toothpaste to the homeowners affected.


A big thank you to Mustafa, the generous owner of Pita Bell on Carling Ave! He graciously agreed to meet the demand. Not only that, he also reduced his price by $4/meal. To help our donation go further.


I wanted to take a picture of him loading our car with all the incredible meals. But he humbly refused ❤️.


Thank you to the 4 volunteers at the small stop between Dunrobin and Constance Bay, who refused our offer of hot meals and told us to send it to the troops instead. Thank you to the lovely lady at the Carp Community Centre who told me to take her packets of hot chocolate with me to keep the volunteers warm.


Lovely incredible people. It’s phenomenal to see the community come together like this. God bless 🙏

Do you know someone who could really use a break over the holiday season


The staff at Aqua Dental would like to help out one family in need. Please nominate a family and tell us WHY they could use the extra help this holiday season. One lucky family will receive $1000 to help them out during the holidays!


Contest CLOSES on Monday December 11th and the winner will be contacted by Wednesday Dec 13th


Good luck to all and Happy Holidays!


Congratulations to Lisa!! Lisa has been selected as the recipient of our $1000 holiday giveaway. We were sincerely moved by her story and felt that she was the most deserving of this prize. We thank everyone who took the time to nominate a deserving family or individual and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! ❄️

Pictured here is Jenna, Dr Huda's daughter with Wahid and Kathleen two lab techs from gamma Dynacare lab. Here's a great story to start off your weekend staring a pretty considerate and incredible 8 year old.


Jenna had to get some blood work done and as most are in this situation she was nervous, uneasy and really wanted some comfort. After she was done getting her blood work, she began to talk to her mom about the how the lab could benefit from some squishy items like we have in our office. The squishy items are great for calming our nervous patients. Jenna decided she wanted to help the lab and the future patients who may be nervous just like her. She made Wahid & Kathleen a thank you card and also gave them a squishy toy for all future nervous patients to use!


Way to go Jenna!! 💕





Dr. Huda had the pleasure of talking to the 2nd & 3rd graders in Mrs. Korosi's & Mrs St-Germain's classes at Berrigan Elementary School. Here was the amazing card they prepared for her!

We had an awesome time speaking with the kids at Barrhaven Nursey School about (teeth) oral health ! We brought laminated drawings of teeth, with pretend food and plaque on them. The children had to brush really well to get the teeth clean! Showing practical examples of brushing is a great way to engage and encourage children in brushing their own teeth! #barrhavendentist #kidsdental.


Thank you for having us @barrhavennurseryschool



Remember our Free Dental Day? Check out the story in Tuesday's issue of The Ottawa Sun:


We're excited about turning it into an annual event.